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Falcon EMCCD

The digital FALCON EMCCD camera, model FA285-CL, combines high sensitivity, speed and high resolution. It uses a peltier cooled Texas Instruments' 1MegaPixel Frame Transfer Impactron device which provides QE up to 65%.

It uses a 16 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output.

The Falcon camera offers outstanding performance for low light applications such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, electrophoresis, X-ray and hyperspectral imaging.

The camera is fully compatible with the XCAP software from EPIX (link).  This high performance Image Analysis Software offers easy-to-use menus and dialogs and allows simple or complex imaging tasks to be effortlessly completed.

FALCON is also fully compatible with the Micro-Manager software.  uManager provides a universal, flexible and free software platform for automated microscopy.  Combined with ImageJ, mManager provides a full featured microscope management and image processing package, with quality and ease of use standards equal to commercial software.

Download full data sheet

Dowload application note on Solar Cell inspection using the Falcon EMCCD

  • The FALCON EM285 camera features:
  • 1004 x 1002 EMCCD sensor - Enables optimum image resolution in low light imaging applications
  • B/W EMCCD technology - Enables high sensitivity imaging with up to 1000x on-chip gain
  • 16 bit CameraLink output - Provides wide dynamic range
  • 65% QE from Virtual Phase sensor - Optimum Photon collection 
  • Frame Transfer - No mechanical shutter required, vibration-less CCD readout
  • Realtime Imaging - Optimum image sharpness in ALL light conditions
  • Typical Applications:
  • Adaptive Optics and Astronomy 
  • Calcium signaling
  • Fluorescence imaging / spectroscopy
  • Flow cytometry
  • Genome sequencing
  • High content screening
  • High resolution fluorescence imaging 
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • LIBS
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Single molecule detection
  • Solar Cell Inspection 
  • X-ray tomography