High speed, digital SWIR camera

The OWL 320 HS VIS-SWIR offers the latest in VIS-SWIR sensor technology providing unprecedented day-night surveillance performance.

Featuring a State of the Art high sensitivity InGaAs FPA sensor the camera offers a full frame pixel resolution of 320 x 256, with a pixel pitch of 30µm x 30µm.

The OWL 320 HS VIS-SWIR  offers unsurpassed speeds of 344 Hz full frame (faster when using ROI) for ultrafast applications with high sensitivity response in the range 0.9 to 1.7µm.

Key Features and Benefits
High-Speed SWIR Technology

  • SWIR technology | Enables high-speed imaging from 0.9µm to 1.7µm
  • Easy control of camera parameters | Control of Exposure, Frame rate, Gain, Temperature, trigger, etc 
  • Ultra compact, Low power (< 5W) | Ideal for hand-held, mobile or airborne systems
  • Rugged, No fan | Enables integration into UAV, handheld or Electro-Optic systems


  • Astronomy
  • Beam Profiling
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Solar Cell Inspection
  • Thermography
  • OWL 320 SWIR camera coupled to a rugged SWIR 14mm