-90°C 1MP and 4MP Scientific CCDs

Introducing one of the most sensitive CCD camera platforms in the World. Using a choice of back-illuminated CCD sensor from e2v (CCD42-40 and CCD47-10), and putting into Raptor’s proprietary PentaVac vacuum enclosure and cooling it to -90°C, the Eagle is the perfect camera for long exposures. Offering low read noise of <2.3e- unbinned and binning options up to 64×64, the Eagle also offers dual read-out rates of 75kHz and 2MHz.
See our high energy open front options here.

  • 7 year vacuum guarantee – Protection and integrity of the sensor
  • Extremely low dark current – Deep cooled to greater than -110°C delta enables long exposure times
  • Back illuminated 1MP and 4MP sensors from e2v – Enables large field of view imaging
  • 13.5µm x 13.5µm pixels (4MP) – Enables ultra sharp image resolution
  • High QE: >90% @ 525nm and 50% @ 380nm & 720nm– Optimum photon collection

  • Adaptive Optics and Astronomy
  • Calcium Signaling
  • Fluorescence imaging / spectroscopy
  • Luminescence
  • X-Ray
  • PentaVac Technology

  • Messier 42 - Eagle V

    Messier 42 - Eagle V Courtesy of Michel Böer and Alain Klotz