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Falcon III XV – In Vacuum X-Ray

In-Vacuum, Digital Monochrome EMCCD X-Ray Camera

The Falcon III XV is Raptor’s latest offering for the in-vacuum X-Ray market, perfect for imaging very weak X-Ray samples close to UV and VUV, where speed is important. Using a next-generation uncoated EMCCD sensor offering 1MP resolution with 10µm square pixels, the Falcon III XV offers ultimate sensitivity and low noise, running at 30 fps in full resolution, faster if ROI’ed or binned. The Falcon III XV is available with a range of feedthrough options – including trigger, liquid, power and CameraLink.


The fastest scientific x-ray camera on the market

  • In-Vacuum – High energy in-vacuum direct detection
  • Back-illuminated EMCCD with no coating – Optimises sensitivity and large field of view imaging from 1.2keV to 20keV
  • Fast frame rate in full frame resolution: 30fps – Ideal for fast repetition rates
  • Deep cooled to -70°C – For minimal background events
Optional Accessory Part Number Notes
Power Feedthrough RPL-PFC 19-way hermetic bulkhead feedthrough; 3m, 19-way, in vacuum cable
CameraLink Feedthrough RPL-CLFC MDR-MDR Feedthru Plate; Cameralink Cable 3m MDR to MDR
KF40 Liquid Feedthrough RPL-DN40KF-WFC KF40 flange with 2-off ¼" pipes, terminated with swagelok fittings
2.75" CF Liquid Feedthrough RPL-DN40CF-WFC 2.75" CF flange with 2-off ¼" pipes, terminated with swagelok fittings
KF40 Trigger Feedthrough 2 SMAs RPL-DN40KF-TFC KF40 flange with 2-off female SMA to SMA feedthroughs;
2.75" CF Trigger Feedthrough RPL-DN40CF-TFC 2.75" CF flange with 2-off female SMA to SMA feedthroughs;
Air Side Water Tubing RPL-WTUBE-XV Includes tubing and connectors. Stainless Steel Hose Connector, 1/4 in. Tube Adapter, 1/4 in; 5mm ID Flexible PVC Tubing (2m length);
EPIX EB1 frame grabber RPL-EPIX-EB1
CameraLink Cable (2m) RPL-CL-CBL-2M Longer Camera Link cable available.
Mini PC with XCAP Std and frame grabber RPL-PC-EL1
Thermoelectric Water Chiller Unit RPL-CHILLER Recommended coolant flow rate >0.5l/min & cooling capacity >100W @ 20°C.

  • X-Ray Imaging
  • X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)
  • X-Ray Plasma Imaging and Diagnostics
  • Soft X-Ray Microscopy
  • EUV X-Ray Spectroscopy
  • X-Ray source characterization
  • X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging
  • X-Ray Tomography
  • VUV/EUV/XUV Imaging and Lithography
  • Crystallography