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Block Cores for Gimbals / EO Turrets

Raptor offers a range of custom OEM imaging solutions for our customers. Our family of Block cameras feature SWaP enabled camera cores coupled to a lens and ruggedised in an IP enclosure making it perfect for integration into gimbals and EO turrets. We offer a range of cameras across multiple wavelength bands including UV, VIS and SWIR, as well as a choice of resolutions and pixel pitches. We integrate these with 3rd party fixed and motorised lenses offering the perfect imaging solution for gimbals and turrets.

SWIR Block 250

This is an ultra-compact SWaP optimised core which combines a 1280×1024 Vis-SWIR sensor coupled to a x10 motorised zoom 25-250mm NIR-SWIR lens. The full system is rugged, designed to MilSpec and ideal for integration into 10″ gimbals.

Features and benefits:

• 1280 x 1024, 10μm pitch Vis-SWIR technology – Enables highest resolution imaging from 0.7μm to 1.7μm
• x10 optical zoom 25-250mm SWIR optimised lens with x2 digital zoom Offering mid-range SWIR observation up to approximately 5Km
• 25mm WFOV (f/4.0) of 28.7 degrees and 250mm NFOV (f/5.5) of 2.9 degrees – Offering motorised continuous zoom capabilities
• Full lens and camera control through RS422 – Simple cross-platform connectivity
• 28e- electrons readout noise – Enables highest VIS-SWIR detection limit
• Choice of HD-SDI, MIPI CSI-2 or CameraLink interface – All-in-one cable for high bandwidth and close proximity with processors
• On-board Automated Light Control (ALC) and Intelligent 3 point real-time NUC – Enables clear and highest quality video in all light conditions
• Rugged and compact – designed to IP67, MIL-STD-810G compliant – L x W x H – 85 x 85 x 250mm and weight of 1Kg

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