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Flight ready / modified COTS OEM Camera Solutions for Space

Raptor offers a range of next generation digital camera cores, from UV to SWIR, perfect for integration into LEO CubeSat payloads.

Raptor cameras are on LEO satellites revolving at an altitude between 160 to 2,000 kilometers flying at approximately 17,000 mph. Some of our cameras have been operational for over 24 months. We offer LEO camera solutions from UV (180nm) to SWIR (1700nm).

Our in-depth knowledge and experience gives us a unique Space Heritage. Our camera cores are SWaP optimised, athermalised and ruggedised to withstand launch conditions and maintain optical performance while being exposed to the extreme operating conditions experienced in the space environment. We offer flight-ready COTS options as well as custom OEM designs.

Space features include:

• Robust, compact and athermalised structural design for 1U-12U Payloads
• Lightweight custom layout and design – Results in reduced launch cost
• Extended operating temperature from -40°C to +71°C
• Radiation tolerant
• Ruggedised connectors – Single 80-pin Samtec connector – other options available
• Class 3a manufactured PCBs with solder standard IPC J-STD-001GS
• Optional conformal board coatings
• Flexi-rigid electronics to fit specific EO space systems
• Customized mechanics finished in Surtec 650
• Vented screws where necessary and options for bonding / staking material
• Flat front or removable lens mounts
• Advanced video enhancement and signal processing features – Optimizing image quality and output in real-time.