Falcon III XO – Open Front X-Ray

Fastest Scientific X-ray camera on the market

The only high energy direct X-Ray using a 1MP Frame Transfer EMCCD sensor. The Falcon III XO offers a combination of speed and sensitivity for soft X-Ray applications up to 20KeV. The camera runs at 31.5fps in full resolution, fasted with ROI and binning. It offers <1e- readout noise using EM Gain. The Falcon III XO is available with options on cooling, as well as a selection of CF flanges.

The fastest Scientific X-ray camera on the market

Open front end – CF152 (6”) flange for direct interfacing to vacuum chambers
Back-Illuminated with no coating – Optimises sensitivity and large field of view imaging from 1.2keV to 20keV
Fast frame in full resolution: 34 fps – Ideal for full-frame imaging with fast repetition lasers
Deep cooled to -70°C – For minimal background events

Sensor Type 1" Back Thinned Frame Transfer EMCCD
Active Pixel 1024 x 1024
Pixel Size 10μm x 10μm
Active Area 10.2mm x 10.2mm
Full Well Capacity 35ke-
Shift Register Well Depth 200ke-
Non-Linearity <1%
Readout Noise (RMS) EM Gain ON: <1 electrons EM Gain OFF: <50 electrons
Full Resolution Frame Rate 31.5fps
Exposure Time 1ms to >1hr
Dark Current (e/p/s) 0.001 @ -70°C
Digital Output Format 16 bit Camera Link (base configuration)
Peak Quantum Efficiency >90%
Spectral Response 1.2eV to 20KeV
Cooling -70°C with +20°C coolant
Binning 1x1 up to 32x32
Synchronisation Trigger IN and OUT - TTL compatible
Power Supply 12V DC ±0.5V
Total Power Consumption <100W
Operating case temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Dimensions (L*W*H) 120.9mm x 140.2mm x 113.1mm
Weight <2.5Kg
Flange CF152 (6”)

Falcon_III-XO Curve 2019

• X-ray imaging and fluorescence (XRF)
• X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
• X-ray microscopy
• VUV/EUV/XUV Spectroscopy
• Thin films and nanofibers
• Material Composition and Structure
• X-ray plasma diagnostics
• Holography and lithography