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Ninox 640 SU

High resolution, low noise, Deep cooled, digital SWIR camera

Raptor Photonics continues to push the boundaries in scientific SWIR imaging with the launch of the Ninox 640 SU, a vacuum cooled to -80°C InGaAs camera, offering ultra-low dark current for longer exposure times up to 5 minutes. Combining a low read noise of <40e- in high gain and a dark current reading of <300e/p/s at -80°C, the Ninox Ultra is one of the most sensitive SWIR cameras available on the market and perfect for imaging weak signals using longer exposure times. It offers a resolution of 640×512 and has a 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch. The camera also offers a high intra-scene dynamic range of 56dB in high gain, enabling simultaneous capture of bright and dark portions of a scene. The Ninox 640 SU follows on from the launch of the Ninox 640 and Ninox 1280 cameras, which have attracted a lot of interest in applications including astronomy and in-vivo (NIR-II) imaging. The Ninox 640 SU is also available for sale in China.

The best performing SWIR camera in the World!

  • Vacuum cooled to -80°C – Enabling ultra-long exposure times
  • Ultra-low dark current and read-noise – Resulting in the highest sensitivity SWIR camera on the market
  • 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch – Enables highest spatial resolution
  • PentaVac Vacuum Technology – Guaranteed protection and integrity of sensor

Art Inspection
Beam Profiling
Hyperspectral Imaging
In-Vivo / NIR-II imaging
Semiconductor Inspection
Solar Cell Inspection