• Raptor receives prestigious innovation award for Owl 1280 Vis-SWIR camera

    Raptor Photonics, a leader in innovative digital camera solutions announced today that its Owl 1280 Vis-SWIR camera has been recognized among the best by the 2020 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community awarded Raptor Photonics as a Gold honoree recognizing the most innovative […]

  • Raptor launches ultrafast and sensitive EMCCD camera for under $25K

    Raptor Photonics has released the Kestrel, an ultra-fast EMCCD camera, offering single-photon sensitivity at KHz frame rates for under $25K. Using a cooled back-illuminated sensor, it offers ultra-high sensitivity from 350nm to 1100nm with a peak QE of 95% at 600nm. Designed with a scientific grade 16-bit A/D converter, it has a resolution of 128 […]

  • Imaging Venus with a Ninox 640 SWIR Camera

    Raptor Photonics has published a new application note based on the work of a German researcher, Dr. Sebastian Voltmer, who has been looking at the inner planet Venus as a Ring next to the sun and how the crescent is getting bigger. He was able to capture the very faint radiation beyond 1000 nm of […]

  • Passive digital night vision is now possible with Raptor’s Owl 640 N

    With ultra-low readout noise (<18e-) and dark current, the Owl 640 N is the first advanced SWIR camera with digital night vision capability. The sensor is 640 x 512 with 15μm square pixel pitch and offers visible SWIR wavelength coverage of 600-1700nm. It is temperature stabilized, ultra-compact and low power making it ideal for a […]

    Night Owl 640 VIS-SWIR
  • Raptor’s new Application Note on the imaging of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels

    Raptor Photonics has published an application note on the Electroluminescence (EL) imaging of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, which provides high accuracy in detecting defects and faults, such as cracks, broken cells, interconnections and shunts. A drone-based system capable of acquiring EL images using an Owl 640 SWIR camera was used for this research. https://bit.ly/3icU4kt

    PV Solar Cell Inspection
  • New Application Note on Silicon Wafer Inspection with SWIR cameras

    Raptor Photonics has published a new application note highlighting how its range of SWIR cameras can help companies involved in silicon inspection to quickly detect defects in wafers, improving quality and reliability. A copy of the note can be found: https://www.raptorphotonics.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Silicon-Wafer-App-Note.pdf

    App Note Silicon Wafer Inspection
  • Raptor appoints a new General Manager

    Raptor welcomes Liam Mulholland to the company as our new General Manager. As a key part of Raptor’s growth strategy to expand and pursue new markets, Liam will be responsible for directing and managing all day to day business activities and implementing effective business strategies. Liam has previously held leadership positions in medical device manufacturer […]

  • New Tech Note – Understanding Electron Multiplying Gain

    Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) cameras, such as the Falcon III, can be used to detect very weak signals, which would otherwise be lost within the noise floor of the camera. Using a conventional CCD to detect these very weak signals, usually requires both long exposure times (to integrate a detectable amount of signal) and slow […]