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Eagle XO – Open Front X-Ray

Open Front High Energy CCDs with a range of custom options

Introducing a high energy direct X-Ray Open Front version one of the most sensitive CCD cameras in the World. The Eagle XO is available in a range of options including sensor resolution, sensor type, cooling and flange options. This freedom of choice offers cameras to meet your exact needs.

The EAGLE XO camera features:

  • Open front end – CF152 (6”) flange for direct interfacing to vacuum chambers
  • Deep cooled using Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) – Minimize dark current and enable long exposure
  • Choice of resolutions and pixel sizes – Optimizes sensitivity and large field of view imaging
  • Choice of sensor types – Enables ultra sharp image resolution and high dynamic range

Typical Uses:

  • X-ray imaging
  • X-ray microscopy
  • Thin films and nanofibers
  • X-ray plasma diagnostics
  • Holography and lithography
  • PentaVac Technology

  • Eagle XO CCD 42-10

  • A selection

  • CF Flange

    Chart to show how camera can be customized.

  • Eagle XO X-ray camera

    Eagle XO X-ray camera