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OEM Camera Solutions

Flexible / modular OEM solutions

Raptor is working with many major OEMs and instrumentation companies across the world in surveillance, aerospace, scientific and industrial applications, who need custom designs to meet their exact imaging and detection requirements. We work collaboratively to understand their camera needs and develop robust solutions through a detailed project management system. We design and develop core camera platforms that can then be customized / tailored to address specific requirements. Our quality, reliability, flexibility, and fast delivery make us a very attractive solution for OEMs.

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Electronic Design, Mechanical layout and Cooling

Raptor offers lots of design layout options to ensure the fit and performance of the camera meets the product requirements. Our R&D Engineers have a wealth of experience in firmware and application development, as well as mechanical layouts. Our proprietary low noise electronics ensure the highest quality images.  Raptor offers a host of cooling and stabilising options using heat sinks, TECs, fans, liquid cooling and controlled chambers. We offer everything from uncooled board level solutions right through to vacuum cooled to -100°C.


Most of Raptor’s off the shelf products use Camera Link to communicate with the processor. However, we appreciate that OEMs need a range of options so we can also deliver in HD-SDI ,GigE, USB2/3 as well as custom digital output options, including Raptor’s direct bus, enabling direct data from our camera to your system.

Quality Compliance and Sourcing

All components used in Raptor cameras are reputably sourced from approved ISO9001:2015 suppliers offering full traceability. We appreciate that our cameras end up in mission-critical equipment, in both medical and surveillance applications where reliability and quality are paramount. We are 100% committed to preventing the use of any grey / counterfeit goods as components within our products. All suppliers are continuously monitored for compliance with RoHS, REACH and the Conflict Minerals rule, section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act (2010) using our Raptor Certified Supply Chain.

High Performance and Quality

Raptor cameras are well designed and expertly built. We carry the latest quality accreditation BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and IPC Class 3. All our cameras are built to MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-704F standards. This means our cameras are rugged and reliable. Our cameras are designed for EMC & Environmental stress, shock & vibration. Our cameras are designed to work in harsh climates, with electronics operating from -40°C to +75°C. Our electronics are also conformally coated enabling them to work in high humidity or condensation environments in mission-orientated applications. Raptor undertakes monthly audits of RMAs (returns). On a rolling 12 month basis, RMAs have been <2% for the last 3 years. Our high-quality manufacturing and QC testing means we rarely see cameras returned.

Raptor Manufacturing

We design and manufacture all of our camera solutions from our state-of-the-art headquarters in Larne, United Kingdom. Our 6,000 sq ft facility holds all our enhanced processes including our cleanroom and vacuum capabilities. Our manufacturing regime operates Kanban processes which enables short lead times and effective stock management. We welcome visits from OEM customers to see our facilities and meet our engineers.

Project Process

Every OEM project has a dedicated project manager, a lead engineer and an account manager to look after the technical, commercial and support aspects of each project. A typical project can take from a few weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the work involved. Customers sit in on regular update calls and sign off at every stage of the project.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our levels of customer support, knowing our customers and their needs very well.

All our products have a standard one-year warranty. We also offer a range of extended warranty packages which enable additional levels of service and support, both on-site and remote.

For further information, datasheets or to schedule a demo of any of our cameras, please refer to our website, or reach out to us directly.

For further information about our cameras or to discuss your project, contact Raptor at sales@raptorphotonics.com