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Owl 640 M

VGA Resolution, Ultra Low Power, Compact, VIS-SWIR Camera

The Owl 640 M variant offers a low compact, low power and cost effective solution to the Owl 640 family. The camera is a TEC-less version of the successful Owl 640, meaning it offers the lowest power consumption of any Owl 640 variant (<2.5W). This SWaP (Size, weight and power) design is perfect for integration into small OEM and machine vision scientific platforms.

Key Features and Benefits
TEC-less Visible SWIR technology

  • TEC-less Visible SWIR | Enables ultra low power (<2.5W)
  • 15μm x 15μm pixel pitch | Enables the highest resolution VIS-SWIR image
  • Ultra high intrascene dynamic range | Enables simultaneous capture of bright & dark portions of a scene
  • Ultra compact, Rugged, No fan | Specially designed for integration into small OEM platforms

  • 860, 1064 & 1550nm laser line detection
  • Hand Held Goggles
  • Vision enhancement
  • Machine vision
  • Beam profiling