OEM Camera Solutions

Raptor is working with many major OEMs and instrumentation companies across the world in surveillance, aerospace, scientific and industrial applications, who need custom designs to meet their exact imaging and detection requirements.

Camera options:
• With or without camera housing (Mechanical re-design to customer specification)
• Remote heads
• Electronic re-design to customer specifications
• Flexible voltage supply
• Increased resistance to shock, vibrations and temperature (according to the housing specification)

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CMOS OEM Solutions

Raptor offers a range of next-generation digital CMOS mono cores, enabling ultimate sensitivity similar to II or EMCCD, for passive digital night vision. These global shutter cameras are ultra-compact, rugged and low power making them ideal for a range of Electro Optic systems.

  • Waveband range: 0.3μm – 1.1μm
  • Range of resolutions: SVGA and Full HD format
  • Range of pixel sizes: 4.5µm and 9µm
  • Range of interfaces including Camera Link, HD-SDI, etc.
  • Other custom options available including sensors, mechanics, electronics and optics
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Vis-SWIR InGaAs OEM solutions

Raptor is the market leader in high-end SWIR and Vis-SWIR cameras. We offer a range of OEM formats, perfect for EO integration where space is at a premium.

  • Range of resolutions: 320 x 256, 640 x 512, 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Range of pixel pitches: 30μm, 15μm and 10μm
  • SWIR and Vis-SWIR options, with low noise options (18e- typical)
  • Cooling options including: TECless, Stabilized and Deep Cooled
  • Extended operational temperature from -40°C to +75°C
  • Firmware features including 3-point NUC, ALPD functionality, image flip, crosshair, edge and contrast enhancement
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EMCCD OEM Solutions

Raptor has led the way in EMCCD cameras for both surveillance ruggedized board level cores through to high end deep-cooled scientific applications.

  • Waveband range: 0.3μm – 1.1μm
  • Range of resolutions 128 x 128, 768 x 576, 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Range of pixel pitches: 26μm, 10μm and 8μm
  • Range of frame rates from 25Hz to 1kHz full resolution
  • Cooling options include deep cooled to -70°C
  • Firmware features include Binning and ROIs
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Intensified CCD OEM Solutions

Raptor offers a range of Intensified CCD camera options that are 50% of the size and weight of our closest competitor.

  • Intensified CCD with a Gen II image intensifier
  • Waveband range: 0.2μm – 0.85μm
  • 1024 x 1024 resolution
  • 13µm pixel
  • Nanosecond gating
  • Custom interface
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Spectroscopy CCD OEM Solutions

Raptor offers a range of CCD and EMCCD based cooled detectors to meet OEM requirements across a range of spectroscopy applications.

  • Waveband range: 0.2μm – 1.1μm
  • Range of resolutions and pixel sizes: 1024 x 256, 2048 x 512, 2048 x 264
  • FI/BI (DD) and OE options
  • TE cooling to -40°C
  • Choice of interfaces
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