Cooling technology – PentaVac and Desert

Raptor offers a full range of cooling options in our camera platforms from uncooled board-level designs through to stabilised cooling and onto deep cooled vacuum-based cameras. We offer multi-stage TEC options, various heat sink designs and options in liquid or air-cooled methodologies to ensure that our cameras meet our customers’ cooling requirements.

We have developed two proprietary cooling technologies.

Desert is Raptor’s moderate cooling platform. Using dry gas inside the camera chamber combined with custom TECs, the Desert platform will enable Raptor cameras to cool to an absolute temperature of -40°C.

PentaVac™ is a revolutionary new vacuum technology. It is a small vacuum chamber in a lightweight, self-contained package that houses an imaging sensor. Proprietary sealing techniques and advanced multistage getters assembled in a Class 100 Cleanroom environment ensure a vacuum guarantee. The vacuum will not only enable cooling it will also protect the quality and integrity of the sensor. With options of both water and air cooling, PentaVac™ offers flexibility to match customer requirements.

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Both PentaVac™ and Desert platforms are ruggedly constructed, designed and leak-tested to MilSpec standards (MIL-STD-883H). They will operate in extreme environmental conditions ranging -40 to +71°C. And with low operating power, it makes it simple and easy to integrate. Both cooling platforms enable fast thermal stabilization with full control to an accuracy of +/- 0.01ºC allowing experiments to take place very quickly.

Contact us if you have any questions or specific cooling requirements on sales@www.raptorphotonics.com