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  1. Raptor SWIR Cameras Improve Productivity For The Remote Sensing Of Vegetation

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    Forage Mass Monitoring (FFM) analysis has been traditionally done using biomass sampling to calculate biomass yield per hectare. Raptor Photonics has recently published an Application Note showing how reflectance spectroscopy methods using drone based remote sensing systems are now being used to derive well-established vegetation indices (VIs) more efficiently than biomass sampling. Researchers from the University of Applied Science Koblenz have developed an imaging system in the form of a multispectral multi-camera system using two of Raptor’s Owl 640M cameras enabling the coverage from 600 to 1700 nm. Promising results prove the principal suitability of such systems for airborne monitoring of small to medium-sized farmland in agricultural applications for precision agriculture, such as biomass for crops and grasslands.


    Raptor Photonics Ltd
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    Email: sales@raptorphotonics.com

  2. Raptor X-Ray Webinar

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    High energy detection and X-Ray Imaging have been a bedrock of science for over 100 years. The advent of digital technology has now made them accessible to a growing range of disciplines, with applications ranging from life science, through to astronomy, security, industrial and high energy physics.

    In this webinar, Mark Donaghy, VP Sales & Marketing at Raptor, will initially give a brief overview of Raptor Photonics and then go on to discuss Raptor’s range of cameras used to detect photons and high energy particles for both direct and indirect X-Ray applications. Photon (or particle) energies from 1.2eV up to 20keV can be detected directly within the silicon using high performance CCD and EMCCD sensors. The webinar will also give people an overview of Raptor’s in-vacuum and open front camera technology and a broad overview of applications where Raptor X-Ray cameras are providing an advantage to universities, National Laboratories and OEMs around the world.

    Wednesday 9th December 2020 at 3pm

    This webinar is being hosted by Quantum Design, our UK distributors. You can register for the event here.


  3. Raptor launches the Ninox 640 SU, the best “scientific” SWIR camera in the World!

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    Raptor Photonics has launched the Ninox 640 SU, a vacuum cooled InGaAs based camera with 640×512 sensor with a 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch for the highest spatial resolution. The Ninox 640SU is vacuum cooled to -80°C for ultra-long exposures of up to 5 minutes. Its ultra-low dark current and read-noise result in the best “scientific” SWIR camera on the market today. It is the perfect camera for staring applications in SWIR wavelengths (from 900nm – 1700nm) including NIR-II In-Vivo Imaging, Fluorescence Imaging and Astronomy.

    For more information contact Raptor at sales@raptorphotonics.com

    More about our Ninox 640 SU camera.

  4. Raptor Photonics appoints a new distributor of its camera solutions in India.

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    Raptor is pleased to announce that S M Creative Electronics Ltd (SMCEL) has been appointed as a distributor of its camera solutions in India.

    With its headquarters at Gurgaon (Haryana), SMCEL is a distributor and value-added reseller for variety of components and sub-assemblies in high technology areas. It has longstanding relationships with Indian Space and Defense contractors as well as academic institutions, R&D departments, and company laboratories across India. The company will market and sell Raptor’s full range of camera solutions. SMCEL was established in 1992 and is an ISO (9001-2015) certified company.

    Contact details:

    S M Creative Electronics Ltd (SMCEL)
    Plot No.38, Hartron Complex, Sector-18, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV
    Haryana 122022

    Tel: +91-124-49-098-50

    Email: smcel@smcel.com



  5. Raptor receives prestigious innovation award for Owl 1280 Vis-SWIR camera

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    Raptor Photonics, a leader in innovative digital camera solutions announced today that its Owl 1280 Vis-SWIR camera has been recognized among the best by the 2020 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community awarded Raptor Photonics as a Gold honoree recognizing the most innovative products impacting the photonics community this year.

    The camera represents the latest in HD format low light Vis-SWIR imaging and the Gold-level Innovators Award recognizes a substantial improvement over previous methods employed, approaches taken, or products/systems used.

    For more information contact Raptor at sales@raptorphotonics.com

    More about our Owl 1280 camera.

  6. Raptor appoints new Sales Manager

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    Raptor welcomes Peter Hagen to the company as our new Sales Manager. As a key part of Raptor’s growth strategy to expand and pursue new markets, Peter will be responsible for growing sales worldwide. Peter has previously held leadership positions in the automotive industry. Welcome aboard Peter as Raptor continues to grow.

  7. Raptor launches ultrafast and sensitive EMCCD camera for under $25K

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    Raptor Photonics has released the Kestrel, an ultra-fast EMCCD camera, offering single-photon sensitivity at KHz frame rates for under $25K. Using a cooled back-illuminated sensor, it offers ultra-high sensitivity from 350nm to 1100nm with a peak QE of 95% at 600nm. Designed with a scientific grade 16-bit A/D converter, it has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels with 24µm square pixels and provides a standard CameraLink output. The camera can operate up to 2KHz with ROI, making it one of the fastest and most sensitive cameras available on the market. Applications including wavefront sensing, adaptive optics, space debris tracking, calcium signaling, fluorescence imaging, as well as tracking fast objects.


  8. Imaging Venus with a Ninox 640 SWIR Camera

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    Raptor Photonics has published a new application note based on the work of a German researcher, Dr. Sebastian Voltmer, who has been looking at the inner planet Venus as a Ring next to the sun and how the crescent is getting bigger. He was able to capture the very faint radiation beyond 1000 nm of the surface of Venus thanks to the latest state of the art Ninox 640 II VIS-SWIR camera.  The cooling to -15°C and lowest readout noise, 18 electrons, gave him much better signal-to-noise-ratio and he was able to reveal the surface and the lower clouds in one mage.

    The app note can be downloaded: https://bit.ly/3fOgCFS

  9. Passive digital night vision is now possible with Raptor’s Owl 640 N

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    With ultra-low readout noise (<18e-) and dark current, the Owl 640 N is the first advanced SWIR camera with digital night vision capability. The sensor is 640 x 512 with 15μm square pixel pitch and offers visible SWIR wavelength coverage of 600-1700nm. It is temperature stabilized, ultra-compact and low power making it ideal for a range of Electro Optic systems.

    Owl 640 N