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Raptor launches Falcon Blue, with enhanced UV response.

Raptor Photonics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital cameras has added another product to its line up of EMCCD cameras. The Falcon BLUE offers UV transmission using a Fused Silica window which will pick up signals as low as 180nm.

According to Mark Donaghy, VP Sales & Marketing “We have had a lot of interest from customers who need super sensitivity with higher frame rates at lower wavelengths so we have added the Falcon Blue to our line-up of EMCCD cameras. The Falcon Blue will combine speed and sensitivity across a wide spectral range from 180nm up to 1100nm. Running at 35Hz full frame this 1MP EMCCD will offer ultralow readout noise of less than 1 electron with EM gain on. It will offer a great spectral range with QE of 24% at 200nm. We see many scientific and industrial applications in the UV region requiring sensitivity at lower wavelength transmissions”

To find out more about the Falcon Blue, visit http://www.raptorphotonics.com/product/falcon-blue-38