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Raptor launches new Hyperspectral Imaging System Hardware Engine for OEMs at Vision 2022

Raptor has developed a new core hardware engine for Hyperspectral Imaging. The HIS-OEM features the Owl 320HS camera coupled to a custom spectrometer with lens options. With high measurement rates, exceptional spectral and spatial resolution, and a flexibly adjustable field of view, the HIS 320 enables real-time in-line monitoring – even on fast-moving objects. It is the perfect system for OEMs, with easy integration into their own in-house software. It is small, light and rugged, coming in at under 800g including the camera and lens.

For further information visit, https://www.raptorphotonics.com/products/hyperspectral-imaging-oem-solutions/  or visit us at booth #10H34 at Vision 2022 in Stuttgart on 4-6 October 2022.

Hyperspectral Imaging System for OEMs













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