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Raptor releases new OWL 320 High Speed VIS-SWIR camera

OWL 320 High-Speed VIS-SWIR camera

OWL 320 High-Speed VIS-SWIR camera

Raptor Photonics has added another member to its growing family of InGaAs based cameras. The OWL 320 High Speed VIS-SWIR features a state of the art high sensitivity InGaAs FPA sensor with a resolution of 320 x 256, and a pixel pitch of 30µm x 30µm. This camera now offers VIS-SWIR sensitivity from 400nm to 1700nm. This will be in addition to the SWIR version of the camera, running from 900nm to 1700nm.

The OWL 320 High-Speed VIS-SWIR series offers unsurpassed speeds of 346 Hz for ultrafast applications with high sensitivity response allowing exposure time from 500ns to 5 seconds.

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Please note that there are export restrictions placed on this camera. Please contact Raptor in advance of ordering.