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Raptor SWIR camera used for In-Vivo Imaging in NIR-II (600-1700nm)

Non-invasive fluorescence imaging of small animals has been a technique widely used for years as a method in preclinical research. Techniques have developed considerably in recent years, but still face a number of limitations. Researchers detecting in the 500-900 nm range suffer from shallow imaging depth and high background due to light scattering and tissue autofluorescence. Over the last five years there has been a growing interest in NIR-II/SWIR imaging detecting in the 1000-1700 nm range to greatly suppress these effects, affording single-cell resolution at ~ 3 mm depth and useful resolving power at up to ~ 1 cm depth. Raptor has worked closely with Nirmidas to develop the right camera choice for DeepVision, the Ninox 640-II.


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