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Scientific Camera Solutions

High-performance cameras for Scientific Applications

Raptor cameras are amazing! They are enabling scientists to discover new ways of seeing across every scientific discipline. Physicists, chemists and biologists are now able to image and detect subject matter, allowing them to qualify and quantify light and energy. Raptor has been designing high-end scientific cameras and detectors since 2006. Using high-end sensors, low-noise electronics, and state-of-the-art vacuum and cooling technologies, Raptor is designing and manufacturing cameras with imaging solutions from high-energy X-Ray through to UV, VIS, NIR and SWIR.

We now have camera solutions in national institutes, research labs and universities all over the world. We also work with many instrumentation companies, with our OEM camera solutions offering “value-added” performance. The applications are endless, from astronomy to in-vivo imaging, from silicon inspection to chemiluminescence, from calcium signaling to art inspection, from high-resolution fluorescence microscopy to thermography, from Raman spectroscopy to hyperspectral imaging. These cover just some of the many imaging and detection demands our customers have and the list continues to grow.

Raptor offers both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) as well as custom OEM solutions.

  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and IPC Class 3 Quality accreditation
  • Digital design including PCI, USB, LVDS, CameraLink, GigE and HD-SDI
  • FPGA (VHDL) development for imaging processing
  • High-speed analogue and digital design
  • Low noise pre-amp circuit development
  • Mechanical and Optical design.
  • Heat removal interfaces, e.g. heatsink-less conductive configurations
  • Specific QC / testing to meet customer requirements

OEM options from board-level cameras to custom designs are available in a range of sensors, interfaces and layouts.

Eagle 4710 USB

To find out more about our scientific cameras, our experience and capabilities, or to discuss your imaging requirements, please contact us on sales@raptorphotonics.com

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