• Raptor has made massive strides in developing “Flight Ready” cameras for space.

    Over the last few years, Raptor camera cores have been chosen for several LEO Cubesat programs by a global range of leading space companies. Our VIS and SWIR cameras are being integrated into imaging and spectroscopy solutions used for earth observation and laser communication platforms for a range of applications including #wildfires, #greenhouse #gasleak identification, […]

  • Raptor offers range of OEM Spectroscopy Solutions

    Raptor now offers a full suite of cameras and detectors suitable for Raman and HSI applications. We offer a choice of CCD and InGaAs sensors in various resolutions and pixel pitches, optimized for specific wavelengths and a choice of cooling. There are custom options available such as interface, mechanical mounts, windows etc as well as […]

  • Raptor’s X-Ray Sensor Replacement Promise

    Working with high-energy lasers it is almost inevitable that sensors occasionally get damaged. We appreciate the time and financial impact of downtime associated with a broken camera. At Raptor we have experienced this pain ourselves. As a result, we offer a sensor damage replacement scheme, where we will replace any laser damaged sensors in our […]

  • New Application Note on Driver Vision Enhancement with SWIR cameras

    Raptor Photonics has published a new application note on how its range of SWIR cameras offer an alternative to thermal cameras for Driver Vision Enhancement improving a driver’s viewing capabilities while operating in degraded visual conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, or dust, A copy of the note can be found: https://www.raptorphotonics.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Driver-Vision-Enhancement-App-Note.pdf