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Raptor has made massive strides in developing “Flight Ready” cameras for space.

Over the last few years, Raptor camera cores have been chosen for several LEO Cubesat programs by a global range of leading space companies. Our VIS and SWIR cameras are being integrated into imaging and spectroscopy solutions used for earth observation and laser communication platforms for a range of applications including #wildfires, #greenhouse #gasleak identification, precision #agriculture, climate change monitoring, asset tracking, 5G communications coverage, providing invaluable, fast and accurate information to scientists back on earth.

Designed to MilSpec and SWaP optimised, Raptor cores make the ideal camera candidates for LEO cubesat programs, surviving the shock and vibration of launch conditions, temperature extremes and relatively low levels of radiation. This has given us invaluable “space heritage” with some of our cameras on current missions for over four years.

We understand the stringent electro-optical technical requirements for payloads and we are able to offer innovative custom options including mechanical and electronic layouts. Our InGaAs cameras offer exceptional images from 600-1700nm in a range of resolutions from VGA to HD. Our high-quality sensors and low noise electronics result in exceptional quality images. We are seeing increasing interest from a host of commercial and scientific companies who are working on LEO and ground-based projects.

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